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FAQ - Tax / Acounting

1. Should I use Turbo Tax?

2. How much will it cost me?

3. How long should I keep records?

Should I use Turbo Tax?

Online tax software is a tool. While tools always make the job easier, some tools require more training than others. This is where software can be deceptive. It makes something as complicated as taxes and makes it seem easy. Remember that the software must produce an accurate tax return. Can you review that return and know that the software has put the right stuff on the right line? After all, have you ever stepped on the wrong side of a rake and had it hit you between the eyes?

How much will it cost me?

The cost for our services are based on a combination of time, complexity, and expertise necessary to help you. It is fairly difficult to assess what deductions and credits will help you achieve the best result without thoroughly reviewing your personal situation. 

When specifically asked about individual tax preparation costs, we are able to share that our average client pays $240. You can compare this to a study by the NSA that found average tax preparation costs in our area to be $268 in 2015.

You can maintain the lowest cost by: