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Our Philosophy

Stop wasting time with multiple advisors.

  1. Taxes are a financial topic.
    We believe that any financial planning discussion should begin with a review of tax. Any financial advisor who is not a tax expert will likely neglect to control one of your largest expenses. While investment return is important, so is tax rate.
  2. "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin
    Most people spend more time planning annual vacations than they do planning their finances or tax strategy. We believe forethought and intentionality are crucial to meeting your objectives.
  3. Take an Ecclesiastical approach to financial products.
    Many radio and tv personalities have used the word “never” when asked about certain financial products. While many financial products may not be right for everyone, each financial product may be right for someone. We keep an open mind, give you all the facts, and let you decide.
  4. We're not Chicken Little.
    Many “financial professionals” continually describe the world is terms of what can go wrong. Often this is a pre-curser to selling you “safe” financial products. You can turn on the evening news if you want to know all the negative influences on your investments. We are here to help find long-term solutions to help you meet your goals within your comfort for investment risk.
  5. You are an individual
    No financial or tax plan nor solution will fit everyone. We take the time to learn about you, your needs, desires, goals, and fears before making recommendations.