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Tax Problem Resolution

We know that good people have hard times. Let us guide you through the process of resolving your tax problems. Our Enrolled Agents are skilled at working with the IRS and SCDOR to resolve many tax problems like:

  • Tax debt relief 
  • Bank Levy 
  • Not filing in a long time  
  • Audit notification
  • Wage Garnishment 
  • Liens 
  • Levy 
  • Offer-in-Compromise

When considering someone to help resolve your tax debts you should consider

  1. Hire a local firm with an outstanding reputation. Too many national tax firms have been caught providing little or no service. Several have been shut down. 
  2. Realize the IRS is the worlds largest and best collections agency  
  3. IRS staff may seem “nice and helpful”, but make no mistake – they only have the government's interests in mind.